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Engineering Warrior Training Program

Is intended to drive a unique culture that encourages standardized individual practices and consistency across teams, and incentivizes individuals to perform amongst Towa’s quality objectives.


Flawless Execution Processes

Are the foundation of our methodology, this represents the institutionalization of our knowledge based on PSP/TSP frameworks for building engineering teams and processes disciplines as a skill for our people. Using this FLEPs we can progress from personal quality approach to an institutional one.

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Towa was founded in 2002, by Gerardo Lopez with the vision of using the most advanced engineering disciplines to develop a new concept in the delivery of software products. As founder of one of the largest IT delivery companies in Mexico, Gerardo is pioneer in the development of the software factory concept. With the inception of Towa, Gerardo was inspired to drive a new level of organizational performance which moved beyond standards such as CMM and providing a capability which combines customer intimacy, agility, and a new level of quality in application delivery.

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