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Tell us what you need by filling the contact form. We encourage you to give us as much information as you can, so that our answer can be fast and accurate. We recommend that you mention any needed specific skills or roles (eg. Senior iOS developer with 3 years of experience, Certified Scrum Master with technical skills, Junior Web developer with 6 months experience)

Once we receive your information, our validation and selection process begins. We select the developers whose abilities and experience match your requirements, so that they can begin to immerse themselves in your technology stack and platforms.

We get together with you and your team to define your needs and key task. After this definition, we'll get right on them and begin developing solutions that satisfy your necessities. During this trial week, communication channels will remain open, so that any questions, comments, or changes can be attended fast.

After the week is over, we both get together to revise and talk about the work done. We'll discuss what things were accomplished, where is room for improvement, and what things remained open-ended.

You can go back to your team and revise our work. Feel satisfied? We can have a meeting for comments and for the definition of additional tasks, so that we can continue to help you.

Who Are Our Engineers?

People with at least 3 years of experience with the technology and at least 5 years of experience in the software industry

Software engineering experts certified by our proprietary Engineering Warrior Training®

People that are eager to start looking for simple and creative solutions to complex problems

People eager to learn and build value to the company and to other teams

People with a broad technical background in agile development methodologies and incremental deliveries

Passionate team players that will be available 40 hours per week

Technologies That We Love

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Are you on a budget? We can sit down and talk about bulk discounts and financing options

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Frequently Asked Questions

If that happens, we’ll discuss the reasons and make the changes necessary to fulfill your expectation, whether is one member of the team not up top your expectations we can change him/her at no cost. 
Generally the best fits are with companies that have a clear idea of what they are building, what they have built, and can delegate well. Startups that are in the pre-seed formative stages may not be great fits unless you already have a lead developer and a clear product strategy. In some situations and with some products there will be clear advantages to an in-house team. In those rare instances, we can help as a stopgap so that your iteration schedule doesn’t have to halt as you grow. Outside of that circumstances, if you need to grow your development capabilities, have product deadlines, or juts want to skip the hassle of hiring, finding the right people, paying out the nose for developers, we can easily benefit you.
Hiring a developer is a hard, time consuming and expensive task. That’s were we come in. We can start working at your earliest convenience and help you reduce the cost up to 30%.
Our parent company was founded in 2002 in Mexico, we hire more that 1000’s developers since then. We personally select the best resources, hired, and trained every single one of our team members. If they’re coming to you then they have deep expertise in their respective field and have worked with us on multiple world-class applications.
We guarantee that we can match at least 5 hours of your working schedule. Depending on your time zone we may be able to commit more.
The answer is Yes. We have experience in a wide variety of frameworks but we’re always willing to learn in order to adapt to our customer’s needs. Just be aware this could make the learning curve last longer than the trial week.
We are fully certified Scrum Masters but we’ve gotten our feet wet with several years of experience in Extreme Programming and Waterfall. If you’re using a methodology similar to any of those, we’ll figure it out.
Yes of course. We’re going to connect our resources directly to your development lead/project manager. We’ll follow your lead.
In general we can aim to start as soon as the initial formalities are over, or 1 – 2 weeks to get the team ready to start. 

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