Towa has been providing high quality software developing services since 2002, through Sigma Tao Company, a joint venture between Telmex (the largest Telecommunication Company in Mexico) and Towa, to establish an on-shore development center in Queretaro (a city that is 150 miles from Mexico City) to attend Telmex needs related with the development and configuration of several SAP modules, and to develop and maintain applications that support Telmex core Telephone network. Towa operated this center until February 2004, when initiated a Build, Operate & Transfer scheme that finished in May 2004. Towa´s biggest achievements with Sigma Tao were: to grow in 3 years from 70 resources to 400; in one year achived the CMM level 3 and in two more CMM level 5.

Towa Group is the visionary result of Gerardo Lopez and a handpicked group of notable Technology professionals in the region. Mr. Lopez founded the largest independently owned services company in the geography, has also conceptualized and implemented successful Joint Ventures with major Global Institutions and has successfully designed and brought to fruition Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) Initiatives. Gerardo Lopez founded and structured Towa Group to provide an alternative to complement the services of Asian firms with an emphasis in a Quality Culture differentiation in a financially viable cost structure.

Our company consists now of associates/employees, located in Mexico City, Monterrey, and San Antonio, Tx.

Towa is composed of:

  •  1 Holding (Towa Software S.A. de C.V.)
  •  5 Operators (SW Factory JCenter S.A. de C.V., SW Factory MCenter S.A. de C.V., SP Monterrey S.A. de C.V., PTI Estrategicos S.A. de C.V.), Intellek Advisory Services, Inc.
  •  Internal services integrator (Towa Integradora S.A. de C.V.)
  •  PTI Estrategicos SA de CV is one of the companies of Towa Group. Its principal shareholders are Towa Software SA de CV and Gerardo López

Additionally, Towa has interactive relationships with the best universities and colleges in Mexico, and with the Software Council of Monterrey (CSoftMTY). Towa is involved with assisting to these educational and policy institutions to develop curriculum to enable an expanding workforce. This directly impacts our ability to onboard highly-qualified personnel and provides for quick assimilation into the Towa culture and work style.

We have several models in which we work with our clients:

a) Projects
b) Staffing (“Engineering Warriors”)
c) Dedicated Software Center
d) Joint Venture
e) Service Level (SLA) Based-Managed Services
f) Build Operate and Transfer Initiatives

  • Towa was a founding member of the Council for the Development of Software Industry of Nuevo Leon (CsoftMty). This Council is a partnership between universities, business and government whose aim is to position the state as the Latin American leader in the global IT industry.
  •  In 2002, Mr. Lopez provided consulting services to the government of Nuevo Leon to establish the state’s strategy to develop software industry.
  •  Our location allows Towa to easily cover normal US operating hours, covering needs in all US time zones.
  •  As a Mexican company we operate under NAFTA clauses that have enabled us to work with many North American and European clients accessing personal identifiable information in client databases. Specifically in the Banking industry under SOX compliance, we commonly work with our clients under strict confidentiality and corporate and regulatory privacy agreements.
  •  We assure our international clients that the entire team providing services will not stop operations during non-US holidays.
  •  Towa’s US HQ is based in the San Antonio, Texas area enabling us to provide local account management capabilities. In addition, Towa also assigns one of the executives in our Nearshore facilities as a counterpart to our local account team. This arrangement will be discussed further depending on our client´s needs.
  •  Towa currently has the capabilities to access our client’s infrastructure via VPN, and do so with many of our banking industry clients. One of the advantages of doing business with Towa is the proximity of our Nearshore facilities with US clients, and the fact that the communications infrastructure between Mexico and the US is fully integrated. Our communications capabilities provide us with a significant advantage over offshore providers in Asia and other parts of the world.