Adjust your business model to new normal
Stay Open for Business with our On-Demand Delivery Solution!

Don’t let the Coronavirus slow down your business. Towa Software’s pre-built comprehensive home delivery solution will keep your product moving out the door during and after the shelter in place order. Our free delivery platform has everything you need right out of the box to get you started. Additional services and customization available at additional cost. Contact us for pricing options.

Take control of your bottom line
Add a new revenue source to your business

Your business can’t afford to be closed one more day. Our intuitive delivery platform is the easiest and most cost-effective way to start offering delivery services and bringing in more income. Plus our platform has all the benefits you need from the start:

  • Save time with route optimization
  • Manage multiple store locations in one dashboard
  • Consolidate orders to save on delivery cost
  • Receive and manage orders 24/7
Keep your income streams
Get your employees back to work

With our pre-built delivery solution, you can manage orders, drivers, routes, and payments. Our easy setup means you can start delivering to your customers right away. It’s so simple, you can reassign some of your current employees to do deliveries allowing you to bring them back to work sooner.

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Custom UX and Intuitive Design will have your customer coming back
Add more value to your customers
Features and Functionality

Backend Digital Platform

  • Assign deliveries
  • Receive and create orders
  • Track deliveries through completion
  • Integrates with your existing systems
  • Ability to create delivery orders on-the-fly
  • Schedule orders in advance
  • Delivery or cancelation notes archive

Mobile App for Drivers

  • Log employee hours
  • Manage onsite payments
  • Driver navigation assistance
  • Driver or administrator controls driver shifts
  • Automatic order assignment to the closest driver
  • Push notifications for new order assignments
  • Provides real-time driver location updates

Live Dashboard and Reports Portal

  • Real-time dashboard with all open deliveries
  • Generate delivery reports
  • Manage the addition/removal of delivery staff
  • Control delivery assignments based on driver availability, location, etc.
  • Manually override predefined assignment rules for deliveries
  • Built-in report dashboards to effectively run your operations

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Towa offers top engineering skills for all of our high-performance teams and staff augmentation projects. Send us an inquiry to meet and discover our capabilities, we can build a team 3x times faster at affordable rates in your same time zones.

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