Our DevOps-as-a-service enable you to deliver software faster and more reliably

Organizations today want to benefit from the power of DevOps.
In addition to Towa’s regular DevOps services, we also offer DevOps-as-a-service.

DevOps-as-a-service: A unique on-demand and cloud-first approach Typically in usual DevOps engagements, Towa helps you to implement DevOps in your organization. With DevOps-as-a-service we enable you to add DevOps capabilities to your existing development team, hosting everything in the cloud. This means you gain quick access to DevOps experts and the right technology infrastructure.

Towa’s DevOps-as-a-service model means you only pay for what you consume, with respect to everything from computing to storage. We take a cloud-first approach. Hosting everything in the cloud means you have instant access and greater collaboration. This also improves the speed of software releases.

We of course offer DevOps consulting services to help you find the right model and approach for your business.


Automation and orchestration

We help you with everything from configuration management (Puppet, Ansible, Chef), to the design and implementation of processes and workflows. We have expertise with infrastructure-as-code (Terraform, CloudFormation, etc) and auto-scaling so you will always have the compute power that you need.

Monitoring and measurement

DevOps typically focuses heavily on containers and pipelines. However, learning about your applications and how they behave provide key insights into improving performance and business results. We have experience with a range of SaaS application monitoring tools, including DataDog, Dynatrace, Azure Monitor, and New Relic. We can help you choose the right tool for your environment.

Design, build implementation and release

We can help you with build automation, manage releases, and continuous integration and delivery. Key to DevOps-as-a-service is having continuous integration / continuous delivery in the cloud. This involves using the right CI platform as well as the right orchestration tool for your environment. We have experience with Jenkins, GitLab, CircleCI, Travis, and more.

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