Lean on someone who has done it before

We are one of the first cloud consultancy company in the industry. We have helped tech companies build their first cloud offerings. We have enabled big retailers to go digital. We have automated DevOps pipelines before it was cool. We have designed some of the industry’s earliest and most ambitious point of sale and e-commerce platforms, payments, integrations to third party software, data lakes, real-time analytics systems and machine learning applications on the cloud.

As a digital transformation enablement specialist, we provide the full spectrum of consulting services to help executives in charge of digital transformation define an ambitious, yet achievable roadmap, quantify business value attained through new technology, select the right technology stack, develop reference architecture and guide the transformational journey every step of the way.

Towa Software core digital transformation offerings

Quantify success through business KPIs

Define business metrics to guide strategic technology investments and measure the results

Define technology roadmap

Map out the transformation journey through programs and milestones that deliver tangible and incremental business value

Architect optimal solution

Leverage existing blueprints and industry best practices to architect an ideal technology solution to every client's unique business needs
Tenets of successful digital transformation

Products-centric mindset

Implement product management discipline; focus on delivering products that grow topline faster; value measurable business outcomes over efforts.

Lean, agile, high-performance culture

Implement agile development practices; automate continuous delivery pipelines; invest in automated quality controls; deliver secure defect free code; rectify problems by fixing root causes, not symptoms.

Dashboards, analytics and KPI management

Collect data, analyze patterns and act on insights; continuously track progress against objectives; measure success by attained business results.

Trusting the right partners

Bring strategic partners with deep technical expertise, mature agile practices and repeatable design blueprints; structure delivery teams for maximum co-innovation and knowledge sharing; reward culture that puts client success over contract terms.

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