We have had several clients with whom we have had NearShore Development Centers with different characteristics.

  • Telmex
  • IXE (Bank)
  • Avalon Solutions Group
  • Celenia

Our Engineering Warrior Strategy is intended to drive a unique culture that encourages standardized individual practices and consistency across teams, and incentivizes individuals for performance towards Towa’s quality objectives.

This includes the following business objectives:

1. Correct and complete processes for the software artifacts development.
2. Hiring of personnel qualified to work with true engineering disciplines.
3. Initial and continuous training to all the workforce.
4. Technological mentoring to ensure the execution compliance to the established processes.
5. Use of metrics on size, effort and quality.
6. Actions to continuously improve our performance, with main emphasis on quality.

Our Value Proposition to our clients is to provide Software Projects with Certainty, which includes delivery WITHOUT defects:

  • Projects which fulfill all of the requirements
  • Applications which don’t fail under any circumstance
  • Projects which are efficient
  • Projects which are standardized
    • Predictable: on target and on budget
    • Lowest TCO due to
  • Lower construction cost
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Lower Implementation cost
  • Sustainable ROIs

Our commitment is to protect our client’s investment:

  • Reduce the dependency on the Software Engineer
  • Dependence is on the process not on the person
  • Use of methodologies, standards and rules
  • Provide Resource Allocation Flexibility
  • Average resources, not geniuses, not heroes.
  • Developing technology- independent languages and infrastructure (neutral)
  • Protection of our clients property
  • Business know-how
  • Application know-how

All of our employees, when enrolled by Towa, sign a confidentiality agreement in which they are compelled to not reveal information provided by Towa or any customer, related to technological knowledge, trade secrets ,development,implementation, application, etc. From the signing of this agreement, the employee knows the offenses incurred by the disclosure of secrets according to the National Law on Industrial Property we stick to the equivalent law “regulations for Non Disclosure & Intellectual Property Rights”. This obligation is valid as long as the relationship between the employee and Towa, and up to 10 years after termination thereof.

Towa, contractually with customers, is obliged to respect professional and banking confidentiality. Not revealing to third parties data and information. We are committed to the Copyright Act and Industry.

Our internal administrative processes are ISO 9000:2008 certified, if necessary we could consider some other certification. To prevent loss of information or data by a disaster we have a BCP (Business Continuity Plan), which was mentioned earlier, that covers backups and archiving strategies.

In our different locations, we provide the right conditions for the activities related to software development, also the ideal hardware equipment for the tasks, as well as other basic spaces, such as: videoconferencing room, boardrooms, meeting rooms, etc.

As a Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (CMU-SEI) partner, Towa is an international leader in the successful application of CMU-SEI’s Team Software Process (TSP) and Personal Software Process (PSP). With an institutional program known as Engineering Warrior Training (EWT) in which our experienced Towa executives provide an intensive training program to our young talent on executing development tasks using our unique engineering processes, we have achieved above-market results and industry recognition

TSP contains:
• A Team Building process that builds shared goals, commitments and cohesion.
• A Team Working process that guides the team’s engineering processes and practices.

A prerequisite of TSP Teams is mastery of the software engineering and processes of the PSP (Personal Software Process): Process Definition, Process Elements, Measurements Principles and Statistical Elements.
Currently we have active certifications from SEI for both PSP Developers and TSP Coaches.
The foundations of our Methodologies are the FLEPs (Flawless Execution Processes) that represent the institutionalization of our knowledge based on TSP/PSP frameworks for building engineering teams and process discipline as a skill building for our people. Using these processes we can progress from a Personal quality approach to an Institutional one.
TSP (Team Software Process) is a framework and a process structure for building and guiding engineering teams developed as an evolution of CMM by the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University (www.sei.cmu.edu).
In Towa, other elements that complement the FLEPs are the standards defined for every platform. We have standards for development phase for the .NET, Java, C# and Mainframe platforms. These standards force the developer to use and apply a given technology under the best practices we have found in our experience. Without standards it is common to introduce risks while coding derived from wrong use of the technology or over extension of the functionality available. The additional benefits from it use are a cleaner, stable and maintainable code.

On new software development, we are committed to deliver a maximum of 1 defect per 20KLOC, guaranteed.
Set up an exclusive Work Team capable of achieving a quality near to 1 defect/20KLOC.

(Working with you) We can develop processes that maximize the quality (and minimize the cost) of:

  • Testing tasks
  • Product deployment tasks
  • Maintenance tasks
  • Over time, we can achieve an elimination of quality related problems
  • Achieve the most cost-effective processes possible

To prevent loss of information or data by a disaster we have a BCP (Business Continuity Plan), which was mentioned earlier, that covers backups and archiving strategies.
Our internal administrative processes are ISO 9000:2008 certified, if necessary we could consider some other certification.
Minimum of a Recognized technical degree, 5 year degree most Engineering Warriors, 4 year degree those with foreign credentials, Masters level in most members of Management team.