Access to experienced engineers in emerging technologies is hard

Grid Dynamics excels at hiring, training, growing, managing, and retaining specialists in emerging technologies and making them available to clients on-demand. We do that by building delivery centers in the cities with the highest number of top technical universities and rich traditions of math, science and innovation. We hire the top 10% of technical talent. Nearly 100% of our staff has advanced degrees.

Every year we deliver hundreds of courses in emerging technologies to our engineers using Grid Univerity, our unique learning platform. Through our deep relationships with top local universities, forged over years of collaboration, and specialized recruiting programs, we can scale the hiring and staffing of new engineering teams to support complex technical programs faster than anyone in the industry.

Types of engineering services

Agile co-innovation

Grid Dynamics brings architecture, technical product management and engineering staff to work together with the client's engineering to jointly deliver new programs.

Dedicated Pods and ODC's

We can build and manage self-sufficient project teams containing architects, developers, DevOps and QA automation engineers specialized in required technology stacks according to your specifications.

Program-based outsourcing

We love taking full responsibility for a technology program, committing to achieve business outcomes by pre-agreed milestones. Our clients maintain control over business priorities and transparency over delivery progress without having to worry about staffing.
Case study: agile co-innovation in action

The client wanted to start a new technology program with Grid Dynamics staff and gradually build its own engineering team to perform the majority of development. Over the course of 5 years, Grid Dynamics not only designed a world-class platform but also helped the client to build a world-class team.

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