Near Shore Advantages


    •  A Well-defined, measurable & customized Development Process (FLEP – Flawless Execution Process).
      • PSP (Personal Software Process).
      • – Permits a better work planning and monitoring.


      • – Manage the quality of the products generated.


      • – Measure and improve the process.


      • – PSP Mentoring.


    • TSP (Team Software Process).
    • – Cost & Time Predictability. – Improves productivity & development cycle. – Improves the products quality. – Team Management.

      • Communication.
      • Coordination.
    • – Jelled Team (Strong Team Integration). – TSP Coaching.

      • Achieve scalability of a profession in a global environment.
      • Strengthen the culture of a profession.
      • Contribute to individual transition.
  •  Capacity to Execute Software Projects with CERTAINTY.
    • No defects, on time, lowest cost & full client satisfaction (We are able to warranty a maximum of 1 defect per 20,000 lines of code).
  •  Engineering Warrior Strategy.
  •  Remote requirements analysis & validation.
  •  Ability to pick up domain knowledge quickly.
  •  Proximity, (around 500 miles from San Antonio, a less than two hour flight) and same Time Zone.
  •  Cultural Affinity and Ease of Doing Business.
  •  Flexible & Specialized Development firm.
  •  Lower cost of ownership.
  •  An adaptive solution for unforeseen needs (we are committed to adapt the operational model to the flexible needs of the client).
  •  Business Continuity Plan which covers backups and archiving strategies.
  •  Access to a larger talent pool (relationship with five major universities and the State Computing Talent Development Program, Outstanding and Certified Recruitment Process).
  •  CSoftMty (Software Council Monterrey) is a statewide strategy to promote software development industry.
  •  Expertise in technical and operational support.
  •  Continuous involvement of top level executives.
  •  We thrive to maximize interpersonal / collaborative contact as a Trust relationship.

All of our employees, when enrolled by Towa, sign a confidentiality agreement in which they are compelled to not reveal information provided by Towa or any customer, related to technological knowledge, trade secrets, development, implementation, application, etc. From the signing of this agreement, the employee knows the offenses incurred by the disclosure of secrets according to the National Law on Industrial Property we stick to the equivalent law “regulations for Non Disclosure & Intellectual Property Rights”. This obligation is valid as long as the relationship between the employee and by Towa, and up to 10 years after termination thereof.

Towa, contractually with customers, is obliged to respect professional and banking confidentiality. Not revealing to third parties data and information. We are committed to the Copyright Act and Industry.
Our internal administrative processes are ISO 9000:2008 certified, if necessary we could consider some other certification.
To prevent loss of information or data by a disaster we have a BCP (Business Continuity Plan), which was mentioned earlier, that covers backups and archiving strategies.