Software Testing Services
Now more than ever we cannot afford software defects, Software Quality must be a priority

The combination of manual and automated testing, plus using the expertise from Towa Software engineers and Agile Testing Center of Excellence, Towa provides you with the software QA and testing services to improve your software releases and excel your customer’s experiences.

Not doing software great from the first iteration represents significant business risks and higher cost in testing, from losing customers, to impacting your brand reputation. Software QA & testing services have become critical to organizations because of the importance software now has in every business.

Have you notice that time the Credit Card processor had this issue and was not able to make transactions for a few hours? Millions of dollars in payments were not processed, and customers could not make withdrawals. This was all due to a software issue that could have been prevented with effective testing—they could improve this by hiring a software testing firm with higher standards.

Towa provides software engineering and testing services to companies, helping ensure that the software is up to the standards and meets customer expectations.

Towa is the Agile Strategic Partner
Testing and Software QA services
Modern applications require new approaches to testing

To achieve this, Towa recruits top software engineers who have a passion for testing and then provides Testing and QA-specific training and a positive environment to grow and develop their careers.

Functional or Manual Testing: Regression, Smoke, Risk- Based Test, Exploratory, Web & Devices.
Load testing.
API testing.
Unit testing & continuous integration.
Performance: load, stress, concurrence & performance.
Acceptance testing.
User Interface (UI): GUI, usability, navigability, cross browser.
Installation & configuration.


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