Robotic process automation enables you to enhance your operational efficiency, increase flexibility, and deliver better services to your customers
Major productivity benefits, combined with ease of implementation, are spurring the rapid growth of RPA.


More than half of organizations have already started their RPA journey. RPA can be set up quickly because it does not require complex integration or coding – thus it has become a highly attractive option for business leaders. However, this apparent simplicity masks the importance of working with experts, who can also help guide you in transforming existing workflows. Implementing RPA is a core driver of digital transformation.

To help you in your RPA journey, Towa Software brings together expertise in automation technology and industry knowledge, a deep understanding of robotic process automation tools, with a process-centric approach.

An end-to-end approach to RPA

We recognize that to achieve success with RPA, organizations need to digitize their processes. To do this, it’s important to understand the value chain process – not just see an isolated process. We provide you with guidance on all aspects of your RPA journey – from the design, through implementation, to ongoing maintenance.

RPA center of excellence

Bringing together our RPA knowledge and experience, Towa Software’s RPA center of excellence is a one-stop shop for helping organizations with their RPA efforts. Our experts understand the top vendor offerings, and can guide you in your decision making and developing your strategy.

A 3-step approach to RPA excellence

There are 3 key stages to our RPA engagements:

  • Assessment. We scope and assess the potential for RPA in your organization.
  • Implementation. Working with you, we develop the strategy, development, and deployment of the robots.
  • Support. We provide ongoing support in your RPA journey.

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